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We started out in 2014 to aid tens and thousands of authors make their mark in the writing industry. Our focus is to give authors a launching pad to convert them into successful and established writers; whether new or already established.

We are proud of our highly skilled, talented, and dedicated team of writers who are true to their word, as they deliver according to their proficient skills, which are no doubt unparalleled and well-versed in this competitive industry.

Our writers put their expertise to test by providing innovative and professional-grade content that satisfies our customers every single time. Our journey to be the best was not an easy one, but we still pulled through and our resilience allowed us to reach the highest possible level of excellence.

We prioritize our clients, working with them to the end, as they are our first and foremost asset. The list of our clients varies from novelists, publishing houses, bestselling authors, celebrities to business executives, and many more; this indicates our unparalleled and unrivaled services in the writing service industry.

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American Writing Solution stand fast to its work ethic; quality is our top priority which sets us apart from others. We believe authenticity and quality should be followed as the ethical norm.

We have an array of over 2,000 American writing experts, who are the best of the best, all of whom are driven with the same passion for providing refined and top-notch content. Our writers collaborate with the clients to trade ideas, creating entertaining and engaging content for the readers.

The American Writing Solution service writers help our clients with everything from writing to the publishing process – from design, editorial, marketing, and sales. Simultaneously, we take strict measures to safeguard our authors’ intellectual property and freedom of expression to make sure that their content doesn’t lose the essence of originality.

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We believe that anyone with a compelling story, innovative concept, or empowering message deserves the opportunity to share it in the form of a well-written book.

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Because we don’t want to just confine our clients’ to pages; rather, we want our clients to be heard of around the world.

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There are over 450+ first-time authors that have written books with us, their books have been published and gone to produce business out of book sales and are generating royalty. Our in-house writing team consists of industry insiders with former positions at Big-Five publishing houses that includes, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Random House, Wiley, and Literary Reviews.

We are proud to say that our success rate is commendable and it speaks for itself, as over 1.3 million lives have been touched by us. We will do justice to your book and if you chose to join hands with us, then we promise you will end up with a finished book that can touch and change thousands of lives. While on paper, we may be a writing and publishing agency, but we are all about establishing trust in business; because we know that people who reach out to us are putting their life’s work and the stories of their lives in our hands. This reflects that credentials hence we prioritize chemistry between us and our clients.

You will find this as soon as you contact us; we promise you great customer service, dedication, and professionalism. We are proud of the quality of the work we provide and our lasting professional relationships.

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